The Right Mindset for Online Education

Jody Steinglass Mar 2020

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country have begun to implement online classes and resources so that students do not lose out on critical education for the last third of the academic year.  Most independent, private, and boarding schools plan to resume with online lessons in the next week or two, and they intend to finish the curriculum with the same rigor as if students were physically at school. Here are some tips to share with your children to help get them into the right mindset for online classes:

  1. Follow your normal morning schedule. Set your alarm for the same time as you did before schools closed.  Eat breakfast and get dressed for the day as though you were walking out the door (though you can leave your jacket in the closet!).  Lounging around in pajamas all day might sound relaxing, but it is not conducive to an active, productive mindset. 
  1. Set up a designated workspace for both classwork and homework.  The learning area should be very well lit and should have enough space to accommodate your laptop/tablet and a notebook.  Do NOT sit on your floor, in your bed, or on an overly comfortable chair.  A relaxed setup will not feel professional or academic, and it can lead to passivity and lack of focus.  
  1. Plan for a daily routine.  Treat your bookshelf like your locker: put away books from your last class, and take out only the ones you need for your next one.  Use the bathroom between classes only. Make time for a finite lunch break.  If possible, set up an online meeting with the friends you usually sit with in the cafeteria. 
  1. Get rid of distractions.  You are not allowed to have your phone out during class in school, and the online format is no different.  Your phone should be in another room during online classes and studying. Shut off any televisions or music as well.  On your computer, make sure to sign out of any social media platforms and texting apps such as iChat.  Close the browser tab containing your personal email. You will find that your attention to the lesson or assignment will improve greatly.
  1. Give it your all.  Teachers will know if you are not trying your hardest.  This is not to say that you must get perfect grades, but you should clearly demonstrate that you are consistently working to the best of your ability and taking their classes seriously.  They, too, are working tirelessly to deliver the curriculum with the same level of interactivity and rigor.

These are challenging and unsettling times, but we will get through it together. Empire Edge is built not only on the pursuit of academic excellence but also on forging strong connections between tutors and students. Now more than ever, we are here for you. The transition to online education might feel daunting at first, but it opens us to a new era of learning with unprecedented resources and opportunities. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Please read our post on Technological Preparation for Online Education to help figure the ideal setup for the software and hardware you own.

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