Empire Edge has a long history of success with students.

We are proud when families recommend us to their friends, and we strive to maintain the same level of fantastic service and unwavering attention that have been our guiding principles since day one. Our tutors are consistently lauded for their ability to effectively communicate concepts and instill strong and lasting study habits in their students.

Jody not only teaches the mechanics of an academic subject he helps build a student’s self-confidence. He has changed my daughter’s perspective and attitude toward math and science.  He is very smart and incredibly patient.   Jody has a terrific ability to relate to the student and bring out her desire to work hard and do well.”

— Nancy, Parent

Empire Edge delivered. The professionals at Empire designed a rigorous and substantive program for my daughter that both challenged and motivated her. Her practice scores steadily improved over time as did her confidence and culminated in a result that exceeded our expectations. Having an experienced, guiding hand for child and parent alike dramatically reduced stress and produced terrific results.

— Jonathan, Parent

You are so supportive, articulate, smart and attuned to our son and it has made a huge difference to us all having you along for this rather bumpy ride.

He feels so comfortable with you and has a lot of respect for you. We all feel he is in very good hands. Thank you for everything you are doing for him. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate having you help us all navigate this crazy process.

— Dalton Parent

I really believe that your support with my writing was a major factor. You were not only able to help me with my college applications but also gave me useful writing skills that I will take with me into college. I am so grateful for all your help.

— Patrick, Student

Jody, we have loved working with you and with your tutors. From our first phone call, you completely put us at ease. We never felt like you were “selling” or putting pressure on us. If anything you recommended less rather than more tutoring because you truly thought it was not necessary. Your whole approach was calm, knowledgeable and reasonable. Your tutors were experienced, engaging and personable. We could not have asked for a better experience. Happily our son was also thrilled with his test scores. Thank you!

— Dalton Parent

From my first phone call with Jody, I felt that he had a personal interest in getting to know my son and figuring out a customized plan that would make him as successful as he hoped to be on the college entrance exams. I had worked with another tutoring company previously and always felt that my child was just a number—and that they sent the tutor who fit the time slot in a cookie-cutter program.

I’ve watched my son complete his work, encouraged by his Empire Edge tutors, feeling more confident with each practice test. The materials make sense and the weekly expectations are clear and support his needs—no more, no less.

I have already shared this information with everyone I know who has a younger child. Thank you to Jody and your staff for your hard work and support!

— Alyssa, Parent

What most impresses me about our tutor from Empire Edge is his great rapport with my son. He very quickly realized that confidence was as important as knowledge and conveyed both superbly. He is extremely smart and sensitive and has been the perfect match for my son.

— Lisa, Parent

Phoebe was able to help tremendously throughout my entire college application process. She not only helped revise my essays but also taught me useful writing skills that I’ll be able to use in college and beyond. She was always there to answer my questions and gave great constructive feedback.

— Yale Student

Phoebe has in-depth knowledge of colleges and was able to offer analytical and insightful guidance to our daughter. She has a warm and calming approach, which coupled with her calm and honest feedback helped us all through the trying college application process.  Phoebe knew about all the trends for acceptances and specific details about each college and its reputation beyond the numbers.  We are grateful to have worked with Phoebe!

— Parent of USC Student

My daughter and I attribute her recent success at Biology to her advisor’s splendid tutoring. Routinely fearful of science, she approached the subject resigned to failure. Within a few sessions, he had assessed her learning difficulties and began providing the strategies necessary to overcome them. Within weeks, she was undertaking assignments and preparing for tests with confidence rather than dread. She completed the course with a real sense of accomplishment, and we have already booked the same advisor for Chemistry.

— Kathy, Parent

The attention which has been bestowed upon my son throughout our association with Empire Edge has been unwavering, thoroughly professional and a great source of support.  I continue to be impressed with the care and understanding shown by my son’s math advisor, not only regarding his academic standing, but through a genuine interest in his self-esteem as well.  He is consistently reassured that he CAN do the work, and with much positive encouragement, he has been successfully navigated through an extremely rough academic period.

— Liz, Parent

I used to be afraid of math and now it is my favorite class.  My tutor explains concepts in as many ways as is necessary until I understand the material.  He is invested in my success and is able to help me with both time and stress management.  Empire Education has completely changed my academic life.

— Dalton Student

Some college counselors might help students package themselves in their applications. Phoebe did the opposite. Together, we unpacked my interests, passions, questions, and struggles. Based in her experience as an admissions counselor, she answered my questions with honesty and specificity. She helped me find the right words to express myself clearly. Whereas students often see the college application process as artificial, rigid, or burdensome, Phoebe helped me see it as a timely opportunity for personal reflection and writing. Because I adopted this lens and came to value the process, I engaged more with it, which made my applications better. Comfort and confidence are hard to come by in new and daunting experiences: Phoebe’s guidance gave me both.

— Williams Student

I don’t think I would be where I am without Empire Edge. In giving me counsel during the college process, they accommodated my goals and supported my decisions while keeping me focused and being realistic with me when it was necessary. Their knowledge of the mysterious college process and her strong effort made me feel confident in my decisions.

— Cornell Student

You have been so awesome.  I don’t think my son could have done this without you.  No matter what I say, it isn’t the same as you saying it.  Thank you again for everything! 

I want you to know how much you have meant to us. You have been so supportive and a sanity check for him.  We so respect your advice and feedback.

— Yoon Hi, Parent

At the end of the process she actually got in to all but one school. Again, we are so grateful to have worked with you. You are so bright, knowledgeable, great with the stress these kids have, and so very kind and thoughtful.

You have made this process so civilized and comforting.  We are so grateful to you for that.

— Mindy, Parent

Phoebe, thank you for supporting my daughter with her essays. And thanks for making time to meet with her on 12/20, but it won’t be necessary because she got into Harvard!!!!! You helped make this possible. Thank you! Thank you! We are so grateful. She is still in the clouds. Laughing and crying. She got barely any sleep last night. She’s a happy girl. With respect and appreciation we thank you!!

— Geraldine, Parent

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