At Your Convenience

Our teaching programs are individualized to the goals, ability, and learning style of each student. With this highly adaptive approach, our advisors strive to create a personal connection to the subject matter, bolstering the student’s mastery and self-confidence in the process.

We employ a strict and thorough recruiting and training process to ensure that each of our advisors is qualified, talented, and engaging. Expertise in a subject is not enough; we look for advisors who are passionate and effective at communicating that knowledge.

Our Tutor Selection Process

  • Our tutors go through a strict vetting process to make sure they are up to the high standards of Empire Edge.
  • Our process requires participation in multiple rounds of interviews, demonstration of subject expertise through rigorous certification exams, and preparation and presentation of mock lessons which are then analyzed, critiqued, and improved.
  • This evaluation and hiring process helps to ensure that our tutors are highly engaging educators who are patient, pedagogically qualified, and fully committed to each student’s success.
  • Tutors applying to assist with the SAT or ACT are additionally required to attend an intensive training course to further hone their skills and work towards mastering Empire Edge’s unique approach to one-on-one standardized test tutoring.

Comprehensive Materials

We have developed and curated curricula and practice problems designed to tackle each test’s sections in depth.

Our proprietary course books were crafted based on our 18 years of research and a wealth of experience. These materials contain challenging practice work specifically designed to produce a deeper understanding of exam concepts, improve test-taking skills, and help students answer the most difficult questions.

Staying Proactive

We will immediately identify and address issues and work to resolve them rather than wait for a report card to signal a problem.

Regular check-ins between our senior advisors and tutors enable us to monitor progress and tailor our approach accordingly.

Personalized Approach

At Empire Edge, there is no set program for all students. A customized plan is crafted for each student based on personality, academic strengths and weaknesses, and availability.

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