Test Preparation Overview

Along with grades, personal statements, interviews, and extracurricular involvement, standardized exam scores help present a holistic view of each applicant. Our goal is to guide your child along the path that will yield the highest score possible and maximize college prospects. Students at Empire Edge consistently achieve impressive gains and top scores as a result of our comprehensive, personalized approach to standardized test preparation.

  • When it comes to standardized testing, students and parents tend to have lots of questions. Which exam should I take? I’ve heard that colleges prefer the SAT to the ACT. Should I take the test in May or June? Should I take it more than once? What kind of scores will help me get into my dream school?
  • Empire Edge has 20 years of experience working with students of all backgrounds and ability levels on a wide range of standardized exams. Not sure where to start? We’ll offer you the most informed, accurate answers to your questions. When students come to us for standardized test preparation, they receive guidance through every decision and over every stumbling block, from day one all the way through to test day, and are encouraged to take agency and pride in their success.

Our Process


Initial Diagnostic Assessment

  • A diagnostic assessment offers us critical insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Thorough analysis of your child’s results will help us make an informed, data-driven recommendation of which test to take.

Developing the Skills That Lead to Success

  • Weekly tutoring sessions and nightly homework assignments will help your child develop the skills and learn the content necessary to achieve consistently strong scores.
  • We’ll help them master our proven techniques to build the skills they’ll need for test day: timing, mental stamina and focus, and stress management.

Simulated Practice Exams

  • Students take regular practice exams in our office under simulated test-day conditions. We’ll work with your tutors to determine an ideal practice test regimen to supplement weekly lessons and homework assignments.
  • After each practice exam, we’ll analyze your child’s performance and make any necessary adjustments to weekly tutoring work.

Types of Standardized Tests

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